Monday, July 27, 2009

Picked up a few things

I was trying to be good, but there's been a few things on my wishlist for a while, but there is still one thing I am looking for. If anyone knows where I can find my ISO, please let me know. Ebay is going to charge me just about as much as the stamp costs to ship it, and since I picked these up at the Archiver's hot spot ($1.99 each), I would be spending nearly $6. I don't know if I'm willing to pay the $6 right now, LOL. I'm hoping someone can find this at their archiver's and agree to mail it to me. I not only will pay you, I can send a little gift bag of some other images, some clear stamps that I have that you will like...

Okay, so did you know Basic Grey came out with a line of little stamps called Gamma? They totally did and they're adorable!

Doesn't this little girl look like such fun to color?
I want to rhinestone the eyes on these guys!
These might be tricky to color.

And I'm in search of:
After seeing what someone did with something similar from PTI, I have a project in mind.

Aren't they adorable? I've gotten quite a few of the Studio G or Imaginesce stamps, but these combine the easy of acrylic with the awesome-ness of Basic Grey!

And then, I also picked up a few other BG products, from the Bling it line. They are:
I've really not used a lot of rhinestones before. I'm excited!


Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! Good luck finding the stamp you are seeking! :-)

Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! I was at Archiver's today and I looked for the teapots, but they were sold out here, too. :-(