Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good news!

Wow!So that layout I showed you in my last post...It won a contest. I got $5 in store credit, which isn't bad... Made me smile today.
It's good to get surprises.
I think I'm going to use the money for some more digital elements--I can't believe how much I love doing this stuff again since I've gotten Photoshop!!! Yay!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Update

I made my first digital layout today, in Photoshop. It felt really nice to get back into Photoshop, but I know I only have a rudimentary grasp of what the program can do, but it's a start. is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites on the internet, I'm always checking into their message boards and such. I never thought of myself as a scrapbooker, but with the digital stuff, I am finding more different ways to look at things.

I went to Archiver's yesterday, as a sort of treat (and because I'm not buying books for a while, LOL) and got some nice paper, some Sticker's (which combine gel pens and stickers, so how could I NOT get them?) and some elements that I think I'm going to combine for a great little project for someone.

The digital stuff will also be a great way for me to get things on the computer better organized.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Meaningful Title

A Roof of One's Own... If you've spent any length of time looking at my site, you might wonder why I chose that particular title.
First, let me ask you what the phrase 'A Roof of One's Own' reminds you of. Well?
The first thing I think of is a "Room of One's Own." Virginia Woolf once said all a woman needed was a Room of One's Own and the money to live for a year in order to become a writer...or something like that.
You might also think of a city high-rise, complete with a rooftop garden or filled with people for an elegant New Year's Eve party.
Whatever the case, A Roof of One's Own is what I got when we moved to the new house. There's a door leading out to a small rooftop perfect for whatever I might want to do with it. The best part is that I've been given carte blanche to do whatever I want with it. I went out there to sit and think, brainstorming for my script. I also sat out there and felt the soft breeze, the sun warming my toes. You can see rooftops and trees and all manner of city life from this rooftop, from this vantage point, anything looks possible.
And that, my friends, mirrors life. Anything is possible. Learn this, live this, make this your new mantra. Anything is possible. Believe it, and great things will transpire.
This is particularly important when writing or creating something meaningful. Anything is possible because you are creating it. I tend to think creativity is serendipitous for the most part, as things you might not think look good together come together at the end in an inspiring combination.
Think about your latest project. Have you actively thought of this? Has anything been possible, or have you set limits? Has that changed your flow? Has that changed your intent? Look inward, and you shall find all of the answers you seek.

Coming Back to Blogger

I think I had an account on blogger ages ago, but I've not done anything with it in so long, I decided to come back and see everyone. Now, watch out, because I intend to discuss my writing, artistic pursuits and other forms of interests that I have.

Want to sit along for the journey?

Then sit down on the deck, grab a colorful glass and pour some of this lovely iced tea that I made this morning. We'll enjoy it together.