Friday, January 30, 2009

I came, I saw, I cleaned...

Right now I've been prepping for the Akron Reading Festival. Our bookgroup, the Rubber City Book Posse, is going to be giving away 1000 bookcrossed books to people and families from all around the NE Ohio area.

Last year we were able to give away about 627 books, and this year I anticipate even more books, possibly closer to 1500 books. There are a lot of things that are involved with getting books ready... I have to gather them, register them on the bookcrossing website and then label them and then place them in bins in order to transport them.

The good news is that I'm able to get rid of a bunch of books that have been in the spare room. My grandparents and my book buddy at work also donated close to 200 books, so that's in addition to a lot of mine. I hope I can come to the festival with at least 300 books, which should be no problem.

And while I'm cleaning up that room, I've been trying to get the desk and other stuff in place to actually have a usable workspace. I've converted the desk into a craft/writing table. I still have to go through the drawers, but that can wait. The little table is next to it (inherited from family) and I was able to put my Expression on that table and plug it in. Now it has a dedicated spot.
I have my stamps in a big container just under the table and a tote full of supplies next to it. I have a lot of stuff that still needs to be organized, but that can wait until after the festival.
It'll be cool to have a dedicated place, I want to spend more time this year reading, writing and scrapping/cardmaking.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Creative to do list

1. Finish 12 x 12 Basic Gray Layout
take a picture
make 5 more layouts
send off to PO on Friday, Feb 6

2. Clean off desk and make a scrap space (also room for Cricut)

3. Die cut for festival

4. Die cut for Etsy store

5. Get supplies together and list nonessential supplies on etsy

6. Show off my Minibook for the Minibook Challenge on TwoPeas (may end up as a video because my camera isn't cooperating).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Musings on a Fellow Blogger's post...

It started out as just a little question--one sentence from Anne.

I'd love to hear from you, too: how have you been encouraged and nurtured as an artist?

And it continued as an internal dialogue that has made me rethink things. See, a few years ago I started writing novels in November. I'd always been a voracious reader and my need of pens and paper and labels and all manner of things was legend at home.

When other kids asked for barbies, I asked for a legal pad or a book. Now, I got that barbie too, because my parents (I'm talking my mom and (step)dad didn't think it was cool to just get paper or pens or office supplies for presents.

I went to career day in jeans and a sweater and when people asked 'What are you?' I said, 'I'm a writer, or maybe a lawyer, but mostly a writer working from home.' *Yes, I've never been able to give a short answer, even at 11*

And when I told my parents what I was trying to accomplish, I remember my dad laughing, "What do you want to do that for?" and I will admit it stung. After all, we're always trading book lists and talking about weird books. My mom was just like 'Oh' I mean, she tried to be supportive in college, but I think it was always just 'okay give me what you wrote.' We didn't talk about it.

Surprisingly, my biggest cheering team in the writer arena was my father and continues to be. He always asks how the writing is going, and now, because I rarely have time, I have to admit that it's not going as well as I'd hoped. That I want to get some time and feel like a writer and produce something worthwhile and go through the submissions again.

And it's just not happening because there's so much to be done. Cleaning up, getting things ready for the festival, organizing a work area/scrap space... And with work, I just want to go home and sleep. Maybe it's a nasty case of the doldrums or maybe there's a fear inside that I'm afraid to show--that for the first time I might try something, put my all into it and not accomplish it. Normally I don't try, and I'm still okay... But what if I fail at something I really want?

This became too much of a downer too quickly and for that I'm sorry. But the moral of the story is this: If you really want to do something, do it. Life is too short to live with regret.

Now, onto trying to listen to my own advice!
I have a music player below my current posts. And I challenge you to take a listen to the first song. You have to select it and then press play (I decided not to have it playing automatically, because it's a pretty loud song)... It's a song that I think really tipifies my creative journey, it's called 'The Middle' and it's by Jimmy Eat World. I remember buying this cd when I was in college, and I can't help but smile every time I hear it.

And when you have a minute, stop by and check it out!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I got a Cricut Expression (with Plantan Schoolhouse) and a Storybook cartridge. Yay!
So now I just have to figure out how to use the darn thing, LOL....


And once the reading festival is over, I'm dedicating more time to knitting and scrafting.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Decisions, random verbals ahead.

Sometimes I feel like I'm too scrappy for my non-scrap friends and too non-scrappy for my scrap friends... Does anyone else ever feel this way?

For example, I was thinking of getting a Cricut from the boyfriend for Christmas, but I only wanted the expression and I definitely wanted the Storybook cartridge and Hello Kitty Greetings. will allow you to pick cartridges (but not hello kitty) to add for no additional charge (unless you order a premium/Disney one), but the BF is pushing for a locally bought Cricut, or a smaller one.

I like the functionality of the bigger one, but I hate the price. I understand that it will save me money in the long run (I can cut alphas versus buying them, and if I get a few other carts that have shapes then I won't have to try and cut those out by hand), but at the same time I just don't know if it's a feasible option.

I could be buying a camera (not a big one, just $150 tops) to replace the one that's currently hating me and focus more on pictures. Or I could just say forget it and not treat myself... Eeek!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wonderful Giveaway opportunity

A fellow 'Pea is giving away an AMAZING kit, Project 365. Happy Daisy will be drawing a name from her entries tomorrow, Saturday January 10th to win this amazing and wonderful kit which sold out from the CK website soon after it was made available.
The kit includes:
•1 12x12 D-ring binder
•54 12x12 specially divided page protectors--four 6" x 4" slots and four 3" x 4" slots on each side
•399 3" x 4" journaling cards--21 designs, 19 of each design
•60 4.25" tri-fold journaling cards--4 designs, 15 of each
•60 4"x 6" header cards--12 designs, 5 of each
•60 2.8" x 3.8" footer cards--12 designs, 5 of each
•8 4" x 6" decorative title cards
•8 4" x 6" decorative end title cards
•12 12" x 12" decorative cardstock--6 designs, 2 of each•25 4" x 6" transparent overlays--5 designs, 5 of each
•12 3" x 12.5" monthly divider tabs
•27 days of the week cardstock sheets--378 total stickers
•11 days of the week cardstock sheets for journaling cards--429 total stickers
•2 yards ribbon--two designs, 1 yard of each
•2 4" x 6" decorative boxes to hold journaling cards
•1 date stamp

This kit is the perfect way to start the new year, it gives you a challenge to get some amazing photos and start working on journalling and getting into the habit of working on memorializing things. Too often, we get so busy we forget the little things and sometimes our most favorite things (like scrapping that awesome trip or that special event), fall to the wayside.

Be sure to check out Happy Daisy's site and enter for your chance to win this wonderful kit!