Sunday, March 29, 2009


website updates on hold. My laptop is dead, so I have to figure out if I can send it off to be fixed or what...
Contest will be held soon, again I'm really sorry.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello everyone,
Sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted. There are some really exciting things coming down the line, and I have a few more videos for you--actually 6. I think I'm going to work on the lighting and try something different with the next batch I make, but the 6 will keep you satisfied for a while, right?
I'm still doing my blog candy contest, and I hope to extend the contest until 29 March, that's this coming SUNDAY. The contest will officially close at 3 PM EDT (that's noon for you west coast USA folks).
You may have noticed that I've changed my website layout and color scheme. I wanted to try something different, maybe get back into the web design/development mindset. That's right, I was a web developer for about 2 and a half years right out of college and I loved it. It was fun and rewarding.
I'm also loving the people I follow. I've been reading everyone's blog, but I haven't made time to comment, and that's my fault. I seem to have over committed myself (if you know me, you know that I tend to do that), but I'm getting caught up.
I signed up for Script Frenzy this year, that's a program (like NaNoWriMo) designed to get you to write a screenplay in a month's time.
I've been a participant for the last 3 years. I've managed to write a script and finish it every year. It's been very rewarding. This year, I took a step and have decided to head the Akron region. Firstly, because no one else was and Secondly, because there were no closer groups. I'm excited to get my script written, and really excited to see where it goes (okay, so I know where it goes) and how I get there, process-wise. Still have to make my scene notecards and my rough outline, but it will be awesome, I think.
My script idea is called 'Firth and Consequences' and I picture it as a film, hollywood or indy style. That's all for now, but you probably have an idea of something in the film based on the title, but that's all I'm giving you know.
Anyway, stay cool and keep crafting!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

I’ve been a good girl…

For the most part, I’ve been a good girl and haven’t spent lots of money on things I didn’t need in the past few weeks, which is awesome. So I decided it was time to get a few things and then wait a bit for my next purchase.

When I heard (via an online board) that Tuesday Morning had AC Modern albums for just under $7, I admit that I was interested. Keenly interested. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while, but I’ve never used the d-ring (like a school binder) before in scrapping. I could have made a special trip to an area about ½ hour south of where I live, but then I found out that there was one less than 10 miles away from where I work—then I could stop in a suburb and pick up some more crafty stuff on my way home and save time and gas.

I called Tuesday Morning and they held all of the albums. A neon green, a blue and a pink. I walked around the store and saw a few good deals, as well as a red album, but decided that I didn’t need anything else. If you’ve never seen the albums, check out here:

Though I had my heart set on a black one, but they only had a few of the colors. Plus, the great thing about these albums is that they are fully customizable. What could I use it for? My Disney album! I’ve had this huge Disney project in my head for a while. It features pictures and memorabilia from my last few Disney trips, but I want to clear room so that if I can, I can add pictures from when I was younger as well as future trips and things.

From there, I took the ‘country way’ (a state route) to Fairlawn and decided to use an Archiver’s coupon I had. I was able to pick up some BG porcelain paper (which I have fallen in love with), some envelopes (I bought A7 because I didn’t see A6, so I’ll be making bigger cards) at 40% off with my coupon, some Cosmo Cricket robot rubons for the layout from last year’s comicon (yes, I go places and talk about comic books with other adults) that were 75% off and some of this paper:

Yes, it coordinates with the pink fabric on the album!!! Yay! So I measured everything and realized that I had to cut the paper because the album covers were just a hair longer than the paper's 12 inches. Eeep! Not to worry though, I looked in my Cricut Mickey Font book and found out that my cart can do the Disney logo and it’s SHADOW! So the problem is solved. I’ll cut out the script and shadow big enough to hide the cut. Yay! Problem solved!!!!

I wanted to get the Spring MM mini paper pack, but it was out of stock? That’s okay though. I got other, cooler stuff.

So once I was done at Archiver’s, I pulled out my Joanne’s coupon and went over to Michael’s because I remembered they have Prismas and they accept competitor coupons. I ended up walking around a lot of the store and found a few things, but nothing I couldn’t live without. Pat Catan’s has a much better selection of pencil colors and even though they don’t accept coupons, they’re prices are a little bit cheaper, so if I can’t hold out on buying some Prismas, I’ll hit Pat Catan’s this weekend for the pencils and the stubs. I was tempted to use my coupon on a set of two blender pencils, but decided not. So I ended up walking out with nothing (though there were some FABULOUS borders from MM—pink and silver and black--have no idea what they were called but they were really cute, IMO).

Then I hit Joann’s. Armed with my coupon I had no idea what I was going to get. Saw my Wilton cake instructor and ended up chatting with her for a while. There’s more to the story, but that will have to wait for another day. Then I walked around for a while. Didn’t really see much, but helped someone in true Fiskateer fashion—a girl was looking for a trimmer and I showed her the Crop, Paper Scissors still on clearance for under $25. Then I remembered that my cricut mats were all messed up and decided to get some re-stick stuff.

Luckily, I accessed the internet on my phone and found the name of the adhesive that seems to work for everyone (the mat that came with my machine seemed not to stick almost right out of the box). Here’s that picture:

I found out you have to wipe and clean the mat off with a baby wipe, wait overnight, then wash it in hot, soapy water, then dry it and wait overnight and then add this glue onto the mat and let it sit overnight. I must say that cleaning the mat with a baby wipe did wonders all by itself! I started wiping it down just before ER started and by the time it was over, the mat was sticky again—no additional steps needed!

I let it dry overnight and I’m going to see how it is tonight when I get home. I really love my cricut, but at the same time I’ve got 3 mats now and I really don’t want to have to buy any more at this point. If I can get all 3 in workable condition, then I can replace them in the next six months or even a year with rotation. They’re not terribly expensive, but there are so many other, pretty things out there to buy. You know?

Then I ran to the library. Picked up Edgar Sawtelle and some episodes of Season 1 of Bones and Brothers & Sisters (which I’m watching a lot of) and the new book by Maureen McCormick. Then I went home and cleaned my mat with the baby wipe and used the glue on the album. This morning, I checked it and everything looked sturdy, with no air bubbles. Will be using my craft knife to trim the edges, then adding a layer of mod podge to seal and protect the edges. Once that dries, I’ll add the diecut Disney signature, add another sort of protection and then I’ll have to post the final product.

The BF took my camera to Vegas, so I don’t have a photo-camera. I do, however have the webcam, so look for an update soon. Will be adding more stuff to the candy, showing off a minibook (with additional directions to follow) AND a review of a great company I’ve just been able to see up close and in person—and it’s an Ohio company. Yay!

Thanks for checking out today. It is greatly appreciated! Keep on Crafting!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Shout Out to Win a Stampy-gift certificate

Giving a shoutout to a fellow Fiskateer, Courtney... She's giving away a gift certificate to Sweet n'Sassy stamps. It's a great opportunity, so I'd like you to click on over to her blog candy post, and sign up!

Also, if stamping's not your thing, be sure to stay tuned to my blog within the next few days. I will be adding a few more things that I'm sure you'll love to my candy...

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: Simply Cardstock

My video review of the Simply Cardstock kit club. I love it!!!! Also my first time using the Blogger video uploader. Please let me know your thoughts.

Website is:

Blog Candy

My very first blog candy! I'd love for you to participate and win!!!!!!!!!

Winterhaven Challenge Prize

I won a challenge on Winterhaven!!!!
Details below. Watch the (long) video....

Gaal Creative

I talk about a very great and dear friend, that I met through stamping boards online.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad Girl!

I bought some rubbah! Okay, first of all, I only went into Joanne's because I needed something for a swap. That was it--in and out. But then, I realized that the twopeas post about items being clearanced for $4.97 in the stamping aisle coming up at $.97 at the register. So I bought a few. The one on the right has a dress stamp that I've seen before--think as wood-mounted--and that I loved. There are some sentiments on that I can definitely use, too. It's stampendous, I think.

The middle one is Hero Arts, and I love that it's all about friendship. I didn't have any of those, so it's nice to see these! And for $.97, it can't be beat.

The last one on the left is Fiskars, and I really liked the squiggly lines. I want to take them and put them on some cut outs, maybe use them as journalling or frames. I can't bring myself to doodle on my pages, though I doodle everywhere else, and I thought this might make a good transition into doodling.

So I picked up two sets of stamps that I think a stamper might like and, how weird is this, her daughter owns an LSS that I've been to locally. So I'm thinking I might just drop off her stamp goodie package off at the LSS because I picked up a set of stamps that had some March sentiments on them. Figured she could get going with St. Paddy's Day and all that. She gave me her addy, but I haven't packed them up yet, so she won't get them until at least Friday. I could totally drop them off tomorrow night and she'd get them early. I think. I hope.

Have to pick up the BF tonight from the airport just before 7 pm. He leaves in the morning at 7 am, and last night was the RCBP meeting, so I haven't had quality crafting time in a while. Eeek! But I did do laundry, dishes and bathing the dog. Spent some time with Max, he's the animal we've had the longest and i let him sit with me all by himself last night while I read--and then I feel asleep and woke up to him touching his nose to my cheek, so that was nice. It's rare that he gets me to himself and he constantly purrs when he gets it. LOL. Evie wasn't happy that she wasn't with us, but she's by herself with us plenty when she wants to be. I spent a lot of time with the dog over the weekend, who she hates, because the dog wasn't feeling well and Evie hates him and Max was in a mood. Remind me again why animals are easier than kids?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Easter Blog Candy Opportunity!

Starving Artistamps is having a kickoff for their new releases. Let me just say that these stamps are awesome and fun and guaranteed to challenge you when making cards. Click on the link above to be taken to a yummy preview of some of their newest, fun stamps.

If you post about the Blog Candy Opportunity in your own blog, you are entered to win a set of AWESOME stamps, perfect for easter. Yes, that's right, Easter. And you'll get them in time to use them (even better).

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of bunnies (long story in childhood with a friend and a hungry rabbit and a child's finger that didn't look anything like a carrot, but was mistaken for one)--but as soon as I saw these stamps I smiled. And then I saw the lamb and the smile got bigger. There are also some easter eggs, a flower and, my favorite, a broken egg that just cries 'Do something really creative with me!!!!'

Seriously, check out the link and enter for a chance to win this Easter Blog Candy, from Starving Artistamps! Good luck!