Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Ildi Co. Digi Project

Hey there, creative people!
It's me, GothamGal, and (as promised), I'm going to show you a fun little craft featuring the Ildi Co Stamp series I teased you about last week...

Are you ready?

Ildi Co stamps has a line of DINOSAUR stamps!!! How cool is that? I chose the pterodactyl to feature on this little project. Can you guess what I did?

I made a pillowbox with my Cricut--my VERY first one ever. The template was really easy to follow, and I used some ribbon, some leftover BG paper and a piece of a Making Memories journaling page. And then I filled it with Whoppers! I used to LOVE malted milk balls.

Have you ever made a pillow box? How do you make them?

What do you fill them with?

Stay tuned, more Ildi Co Digi Stamp awesomeness next week!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Changing What to What?!?

Okay, so I had a little poll going on the sidebar of my blog. I was planning on changing the name of my blog. However, that's not the case. My blog will continue to be 'A Roof Of One's Own' and the Cards, Pages and Scraps--Oh My! will be my sales banner over on Etsy or Artfire.

I originally picked 'A Roof Of One's Own' because when we moved to the current house I had grand plans for using the house's roof access. I wanted to sit out there during the summer to write and read and create. I was conjuring a bit of Virginia Woolf, I suppose.

Fast forward to now--I've been on the roof 3 times, each time realizing that it's not a good space. Parts of the roof are just not meant for people--this one included. Also, I felt a little odd standing on the roof when there were people around, the roof juts out and so I'm almost right over the neighbor's driveway. It's too close. I create, well, in all sorts of places, which means that our upstairs is sorely in need of a 'de-creating' time, which I plan to do here and there.

I want to reorganize. I want to experiment and grow. I want to pare down and simplify. I want to use my supplies and not feel as if my supplies are overwhelming or using me. This blog, even when we do move, is my creative home--the creative roof, as you'll have it, over my head.

Yay! (I apologize for the prose, LOL).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Okay, so I didn't post my little cardlet featuring the wonderful Halloween line from Ildi Co. last week. With looking at the houses and running around like crazy, there just wasn't time. So without further ado, I want to show you the card I made--it's a matchbook type card and it was requested by a friend:
This is the card opened and able to be displayed:
This is the card closed. I just couldn't resist making that lil' ghost so that he could be over or under the card at all times.
Supplies: Ildi Co Digi Stamp, White Georgia Pacific Cardstock, Copic Markers, BG Eerie patterned paper, Making Memories Spellbound letter stickers. You can use a stapler to fasten the bottom of the card like a matchbook, but I ran a line of adhesive from my Tombow and it works famously!

So, now we're onto this week's exciting card. Are you totally ready?

When I found out Ildi Co's new line of stamps were Robots, Emotibots to be exact, I was over the roof! I love robots, well, I said something about Doctor Who because these robots remind me of something on Doctor Who or Star Wars and I was promptly told that these robots were too cute to be either. Go Figure!

So I decided to make a pop up card of sorts. Really like the way it turned out, did a technique that makes the silver really pop...

This is my little Messenger Bot. He's got a message for you, that he's holding in his 3d popped up hands. It's in Binary Code, which is a computer language consisting of '1' and '0'--based on the way they are placed, you can spell out lots of things with just those two letters. My message is pretty simple, just a 'Hello' but when you spell it out in Binary Code, it translates to:
So that's the reason why your second grader doesn't learn binary code, it's so much simpler to write 5 little letters when you want to say 'Hello'. To make it a little more authentic, I even opened up 'Notepad' and put in the Binary Code. Since it has a very basic, computer-language-looking font, I figured it was perfect.

Supplies: Ildi Co Digital Stamp, GP White Cardstock, Blue Cardstock, Sassafras Lass Monstrosity patterned paper, Copic Marker, Metallic Silver Pen, Unused packaging (for the red eye scanner thing, I cut it out, then colored it and put it behind the main part of the image so it looked a little more realistic.

If you're interested in playing around with Binary Code, I found a translation site on the web. Just click here for the site, it's cool, and I really liked the idea of him printing it out to hand it to someone. And the receiver of the card loved it, too!

I'm going to be posting future Ildi Co projects automatically, so that this delay won't be an issue again. I had no idea looking for a house was so crazy! My hint for next week's project?



How did I miss posting this last week?
Well, it's been really busy. Blog Business first...
I'll have some really cool Ildi Co. stuff for you tonight.
First involves something you can probably give to people at a certain spooky time of the year.
I think you'll really love it. I should have posted it last week, but things got crazy (more on that later)...
I'll also be announcing the WINNER of my blog candy... Very excited about this one. Did a random draw and EVERYTHING!!!! So if you were entered and posted about wanting to be a part of the blog candy, you need to check this out later.
The Second thing that I used Ildi for, well...I'm very excited about. Okay, do any of you watch Doctor Who (either the new series or the older movies and series?)??? Because, if you do, Ildi Co's new line may stir up some feelings. There's a certain type of creature that's featured that just made me...well, it reminded me (in a good way) of the new line of Ildi Co Stamps...the emotibots...

Here's what a few of them look like:

To me, and all my geek glory, I see them as happier versions of those daleks or perhaps friends of R2D2 (Star Wars)... and they are SO MUCH fun to color, too. I can't wait for you to see them, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by a few of the things I've done with them. They're things YOU can do as well, all you have to do is click the link to the Ildi Co. store in the upper right corner of my blog.

Those things will be posted tonight. Things have been really crazy, my hours have been all weird. Why? Well, first we've been looking at houses for the last two weeks--we definitely have to get out of our current home. There's black mold, the roof leaks and from what the roofers said, the roof is totally a lost cause. Luckily we rent, but we've been trying to get the repairs for a really long time--it hasn't been an easy road at ALL!

We were promised that the roof didn't leak and that the foundation of the added room wasn't sinking or there was anything wrong with the entire house when we moved in, but that's not been the case. Craziness. The wiring isn't that great either. If we run the microwave in the pantry, any 2 lights in the house and 1 tv anywhere in the house (or a hairdryer), the circuit blows and has to be reset. 1 circuit is responsible for things in about every room... I helped my Grandfather rewire his house as a kid (since I was the only grandchild for almost 10 years, and then because I was already taught how to do things, I was the default kid to help with projects until college), and as soon as I saw the box, I cringed a little bit.

We've been looking at houses. I've fallen in love with 2 of them. One was sadly out of our price range (I couldn't make in 8 years what they wanted for this house), one was beautiful and old and full of magic, but was in a really bad area of Akron--a block away from a school known for disciplinary problems (which I didn't mind, LOL. I just want that HOUSE!). One house where he wanted to live was in the country and had a lot of property, but it was really small and there were 4 ceramic fuses for the entire house (I KNOW we use more power than that--my parent's house had a similar system that had to be replaced for the same reason), no basement and the huge garage was built into a hill, with no retaining structure present. Eeek! And the appliances in the house were lovely, but they were older than most of our parents, LOL. Another house he liked was in a township, and stunk really bad of cat. Multiple cats. The bathroom had a rotted floor and there was a large, dark (found out later it was blood) stain in the bedroom, which we later found out was where the guy who had lived in the house--well, you get the idea. So totally not good!

The house we thought we had a good foothold on, for $30,000 (the asking price)...ended up being sold today for $77,000. So things aren't going so well. Since we lost that house, we're going to have to start looking more. Which means a lot more scheduled posts for me, LOL... So check me out tonight, and please send good house buying vibes (and work vibes, too!) my way.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paper Popsicles Blog Announcement

You can check out the Paper Popsicles blog for more details, but I just wanted to let you know that they are having a Creepy Crawly Blog Hop starting October 10th (that's next Saturday!)...
As an incentive to get the word out, they're offering blog candy, so you should check out this post for more information. Good luck! I hope you can win it. There's some awesome hambly goodies as well as some glaze pens and much, much more.