Tuesday, June 9, 2009

(Not) A Piece of Cake

My baby brother graduated from High School Friday night. 11 years after I graduated, LOL. Apart from being a great photo opportunity (more on that later), it was cool to see him and have fun with him and his gaggle of friends (not so cool to have earned a huge sunburn on my face and neck and arms after playing badminton for 4 hours on Saturday)...

My high school song was 'Time of your life' by Green Day (I'm not punctuating it correctly)--which was mine. Of course, in '98 it was brand new. And both of us were unhappy with the song. I wanted 'Whip It' because the 80s were a big deal to many of us, and because our mascot was a whippet. My brother wanted someone else, and I can't remember what song he wanted... but he has awesome taste in music, unlike me. LOL.

Anyway, my mom called at 5:30 on Thursday telling me that he wanted a Han Solo cake for graduation. I started calling all of my cake people (and stopped into a few places)... I originally planned on getting an edible image, however the fates (and George Lucas) would prove to be against me because the licensing for the old Han Solo images isn't available in this neck of Ohio. Called so many places, might have ended up with Indiana Jones (which my brother vetoed, even though he LOVES Indy stuff) or a Han Solo action figure and a logo, but I ended up having to pipe Han Solo on a cake my mom had covered in fondant.

This is what the grad boy wanted:

Okay, keep in mind it's freehand, and I haven't decorated a cake since my certification a year ago. There seem to be mixed reviews. I really need to work on faces. But for just drawing it freehand, I think I did okay. Really happy with the way the fingers turned out, clutching the blaster:

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