Monday, June 15, 2009

MTS: Laughing!

I started hanging out at about a month ago (actually, I signed up the same day I got a link to the site). I've been really impressed with the site and the creatives on the site. There are a couple other sites that I like, non-vegetable related, but I seem to be on MTS quite often.
I signed up for their newsletter and got this list...which promptly made me laugh.

Jenn's Top Ten Reasons Why my Cricut is better than a man

10. It can do the same thing over and over and not complain
9. It does what I ask the first time without me having to nag
8 No matter how many buttons I push it won't get mad.
7. It doesn't have to watch Monday night Football
6. It doesn't mind waiting until I am darn good and ready to use it.
5. Not once has it ever burped
4. If I ask it to do something for me it doesn't expect something in return.
3. It doesn't get offended if I touch another tool
2 My Cricut came with instructions
1. My Cricut comes with cartridges not in-laws

MoreThanScrapbooking is a really

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