Monday, November 30, 2009

Blogging for Scrapbookers: Prompt One

New House... Have the spare room to pursue bookish, writerly and all manner of creative things. Originally, I was just going to store the table and not use it, but the guy set it up, thinking he was helping... And really, there's enough room in the room for it, so he DID help. It's in between my dresser and the closet door. There's natural light to the left from a big picture window and a really nice (and bright) overhead light. There is a bookshelf to the left, more bookshelves and a desk to my back (while I'm sitting at the desk) and a wall to my right with the door and the guest twin bed.

A few weeks or a week ago, I signed up for Shimelle's class Blogging For Scrapbookers. It's Fab! I recommend it to anyone--from those of you who haven't taken the blogging plunge to those who have blogged for years. It's a FANTASTIC class with lots of great people (just ask my Google Reader--it's really busy with all the new and fantastic stuff I read!), great resources (thanks to Shimelle's hard work) and even some really cool blog-related things--like how to update templates and the like. I've gotten some experience with web design throughout the years, but Shimelle even taught me a few things--so really, the class is money well spent.

Hello to all of those new people from the class, I'm Glad you're joining me. I know I'm a bit late to teh game, but I've spent the last 2-3 weeks writing a novel, closing (in 5 days) on a new house and then moving into said house--but all looks done and A-okay now (keeping my fingers crossed). And really, that's just another awesome point on the value of Shimelle's class--it's completely self-led to better fit your schedule!

My intentions for this class are:
  • to become a regular blogger (scheduled, too!).
  • to produce quality, popular content to make people want to read my blog.
  • to make time to comment on each of YOUR blogs regularly (I read everyone I follow).
  • to make a more cohesive layout that better reflects my personal style.
  • to (document and) USE my supplies!
So that's prompt one, all tied up in a little pretty package. I do have a few things I'm thinking about in regards to the blog, so I will update you soon. And thank you for starting this journey with me!


Happycrafter said...

Sounds like a neat course, and your new workspace also sound nice. Enjoy settling in :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Shimelle's was a great class! Have fun following it :)