Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ildi Co Wednesday

So I'm in the process of moving, and realize that i have WAY too much stuff--that's books, writing and crafting supplies! Yikes! There are sheer metric tons of the stuff, really. I guess you can say that's a perk of the digital stamp revolution--the space. Apart from some space on your hard drive (which reminds me, I have to backup on the external AND on a cd), you don't have to move much when you choose digital stamps.

Unless, of course, you're like me and you print everything out at least twice with different sizes just in case you can't get to the printer, LOL. Let's face it, I'm a bit of a packrat. But I'll be assembling my creating closet in the next few weeks, so it's exciting!

Since it's Wednesday, I get to talk about my favorite digi stamp company, Ildi Co. I'm on their design team and I've really had a great time. There are tons of really talented members of the team as well, you should check them out!

A few days ago, Ildi sent an email with some new images--and I had SOOOO many ideas for these that I couldn't control myself. However, because I'm apt to just jump into a project full force, I decided to go with something simple and easy... And it works.

I wanted to best illustrate the FUNCTIONALITY of digi stamps as they relate to holidays. Too often, we think of a product or using a product in only one way, and really... we shouldn't. Digi stamps are VERY versatile. And really, the only limitation is our own minds.

Let me explain this first one, in my office, we all have name tags on our cubicles (and even for the people in offices, actually), and usually these are very seasonal. Usually there are Christmas trees or ornaments or stars circulating this time of the year, so of course, my department is getting them! Here they are!

Now, they're all colored a bit differently, but because I had everyone's names on them, I couldn't very well show them to you. I lucked out and just wrote out my first name, but everyone else has their full names on them. This is an Ildi Co reindeer stamp, reminiscent of a gingerbread, don't you think? It's actually pieced from using one Ildi Co stamp printed on white Cardstock and one printed on SU's Kraft Cardstock. I cut out the craft and glued it to the bits that required it on the white Cardstock copy. I colored the eye and the bow with my Copic markers and then added a bit of a sparkly gel pen (Sakura Gelly Roll--stardust) so that it's extra sparkly! I did the same thing for the item below, but in a different way.

Ever wonder what to get people for the holidays? Well, since there are so many candies and cookies going around, I decided to hand out pencils--they're holographic, too. And so far, tons of people have been looking around my desk, checking them out. I hope to make some more and then place the tin in the front of my desk, so that people not only see them, but want one. I've already gotten three people asking me if I want to sell them, LOL. They're in a tin canister and there's some glass marbles in it to hold them up.

As you can tell, I LOVE the gingerbread option that is featured on this Ildi Co. post. It's great because it's sweet, but won't rot your teeth! If you've got a sweet mind, come and check me out next week, when I'll be featuring a digi-stamp of a different sort, but still keeping with the theme!

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Jenny said...

These are adorable!! I hope your move goes smoothly, I appreciate you still finding time to create while you're so busy :)