Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ch-ch-ch... CHANGES!!!

So if you check out my blog on the actual blogger site, and not a reader, you can see that I changed it up a little bit. I got a new layout template thanks to Template-Mama. The Template-Mama site has tons of layouts for all sorts of blogging needs. I like a lot of this color scheme, it's bright and happy, but I'm thinking that I might switch it up in the near future, but will have to check the details on that, and whether it fits within the site's terms of use (Template-Mama, that is).

It seems like people are clicking the little boxes at the end of posts to let me know what they think of that post. Thank you very much! It's greatly appreciated.

I still have a lot of work to do. I want to make the page load quicker, want to get some pages on my linkbar for things ON the blog (found a workaround on a site, more later), better maintain and streamline my links...the list goes on and I'm sure I'm not just done with the list either.

Is this easier to read on the white background versus the black?

More later--and the announcement of ANOTHER class and then we'll be going through those posts and then back to your regularly scheduled awesomeness. Happy Creating!


Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! Nice new look! :-)

Jenny said...

Love the new look :)