Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Refilling Copic Markers

Refilling Copic Markers is fun, well, if you're a coloring geek like I am, LOL. The website for them is located here. They're really awesome to work with and it's something where, if you know what you want, you may be able to get a great deal like I did. And let me tell you, this method is a LOT easier than I thought it would be. There is another method, but I'm not going through that way, at least not for a while.
As for the coloring, pardon the pride. I'm just really happy that I'm finally getting more and more understanding of color theory. For a while I was a little worried and thought that I wasn't ever going to 'get' it. But I think I've made leaps and bounds from the girl who played with the Prismacolored pencils last year (which was totally a step up from before).
And to me, that's what the whole process is about--learning new things every day, not being afraid to take chances/mistakes, being happy with what comes out of things and seeing the value even in mistakes.

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