Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making the leap!!!!

I did it! I finally did it!

What did I do?

I picked up some physical stamps from 'The Greeting Farm.' It's an online community and store that features cute stamps of girls (Anya), boys (Ian) and animals. Anyas and Ians are really hot right now--many people I follow seem to have the stamps, and there's a huge following on both the main 'The Greeting Farm' site and it's sister site, 'Club Anya.'

I bought a few of the company's digital stamps earlier this year, and while I love them, I never remember to have cardstock ready for when I want to print them out. And if I have the cardstock, forget about me remembering the file with the stamps. I just have no idea why I can't remember to bring both things with me.

But that's in the past, since I've bought some physical stamps from the company, thanks in part to their low shipping cost and their 'Farmer's Market day.' Farmer's Market Day happens on the blog, and it's the day stamps are offered at a lower price, but quantities are limited. Though I've been looking at the site and wondering which to get for a while, I knew I had to act fast. Almost before I realized it, I had these little cuties in my cart:

They looked so adorable and functional. I can see using a lot of these for different types of cards. And since the shipping for one more was only a dollar more, I had to pick up this little one:

The best part? I only spent $20. And now I'm all nervous about getting them and playing around with them, especially with the Copics. I think they'll make an awesome addition to my collection, and a great way for me to experiment with some really cute stamps. Looking through my collection, I've noticed I don't have a lot of human type stamps you can color. That's something I hope to change.

I will update you once I get the stamps, you can expect a full review. And remember,
in order to check out the Farmer's Market, you must check out their
, but you can also check out the rest of their site here.

Has anyone else had any stamps from 'The Greeting Farm'? Let me know your thoughts.


Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! Have fun with your new stamps! And, of course I'll enter you into this week's contest! Don't be silly! :-)

liliput said...

Hi Nicole, thank you for dropping by my blog :)
Those stamps are soooo cute!!!

salme said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog during the SC blog hop!

The stamps are soooo cute!