Thursday, May 14, 2009

Try out new product!!!!

Okay, so paper is one of those things that we definitely can't live without as creative people. But one of the other things that we have to use on a regular basis is some type of adhesive.

But the question is, which one? And it's actually a pretty big question.

I love the site Glue with UHU for this reason. They allow you to test products each month, as long as you talk about the product on your blog. They have some really fun products.

The new samples are revealed at the beginning (usually around the 6th or 7th of the month, I think) of each month. You contact the very helpful staff and then a few days later you get your glue product. This month is a glue tape roller (we all know how much I LOVE tape rollers, use them nearly exclusively), and the samples tend to go out quickly, so it's best to check the site every day for the first week of the month.

But the best part is that the site also has tips and tricks and hints and projects. It's a really cool site, so you should definitely check it out. I've had very good experiences with the site, so you're getting the GothamGal stamp of approval.

Anyway, look for my review sometime next week. I'm pitting roller against roller in an adhesive battle royale. LOL.

See Ya!


Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! Love the new Wordle on your blog! Very cool! :-)

Chelle said...

that sounds like a cool site, i will have to check it out.

but you know what i have found to work best for me. i like to use glue sticks, cause i make more cards than anything. and i found at wal-mart in the scrapbook section "Scotch wrinkle-free" 2-pack. it really is wrinkle free! the paper doesnt wrinkle AT ALL!

just thought id put it out there since you were talking about glue