Thursday, February 26, 2009

Being Good is So Hard!!!!

I've resisted the urge to buy supplies for a bit. I ran out of adhesive a couple of days ago and was planning a painful trip to the 'pretty' store (meaning anything scrappy), but I was going through my photobox and found the forgotten refill I had put there (I store refills there on occasion because I use them when I scrap and of course I use photos when I scrap!)--a very welcome and happy surprise, but not a surprise.
Tonight I'm going to work on some layouts and some cards. I've gotten a few ideas that I scribble on the margins of my notepad, and ideas to try. There are so many inspirations around us, seriously, the internet is wonderful. It's the best place to share ideas and inspirations and learn new things!
For example, in the last couple of days, I've signed up for some new sites to help inspire me.

I'd heard of a long time ago, but I'd never actually signed up for an account. WOW! It's wonderful. There is so much to look at and to read. It's definitely a project for this weekend--getting accustomed to their massive site.
SnrCardIverse was something I heard about from a friend, and I like the tutorials it has, I also like a lot of the onboard video applications. It seems like it'll be really easy to upload the videos, so that's really cool. Mon Ame Memories is a really cool forum and store. There's a real sense of community there, and no drama, which is really cool. They're even having a design team call until tomorrow. I would suggest stopping there and seeing some of the wonderful work. There are a lot of talented artists there, and a lot of diverse projects.

Of course, I still visit Stamphaven (and you really should too) and TwoPeas (mostly to talk to people and to participate in swaps)...Seriously, there is SO MUCH out there on the internet. And, I faithfully follow a lot of creators online, both through blogger and through bloglines (an RSS reader). We're living in a great time I tell you.

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