Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've been tagged on another journal, and I decided to post it here because I think it will help me stay good. In the next few weeks, I'm trying to abstain from buying anything scrap related except:
  • Adhesive
  • Photos
  • Some crafty stuff purchased from a contact selling Stamping Up

Other than that, I'm really going to be cutting back and NOT getting a bunch of stuff that i don't need. However, if it's a good price, or I've been really good, I can buy things off my wishlist after next month.

My wishlist includes:

(aren't hero arts stamps awesome?)
(Repeat sentiment above)
(again, repeat!)
I've got a bit of a bird phobia, but I love the two below:

(I don't have one, but there are a lot of things I want to try, and apparently it's a good tool to have!)
(A bone folder is a great tool for cardmaking!)

I'm thinking I also need some sentiments (which I might get from stamping up) and some embossing powders (gold, silver) from there, too. Eventually I want more colors of ink, but that can wait...
And there's one other thing that's on my wishlist, which should not be a surprise to those of you who have read my blog as of late:

Yes, I've caught the Prisma bug, maybe I'd get some copics at some point, but I think at this point my money would be much better spent with the colored pencils. I've even got a little list of what I want to pick up the next time I'm in the store with some money. Which would also mean getting more stamps that I can color (because I have a lot of stamps that aren't open and blendable, I used to choose stamps I fell in love with to watercolor versus ones for blending... They have a lot of small detail areas, very closed space, KWIM?)...

Oh, and I have a new stamp company love--Anya by the Greeting Farm. Within minutes of discovering this company, I bought some digi-stamps and can't wait to buy more. Also hoping to buy some physical stamps, after this spending ban I have has been lifted--it's so HARD! Be prepared to fall in love.
I'm not posting all of the stamps here that I really love, because it would be the entire site! There's something adorable about all of the stamps, and the Anyas (the little girls) are so adorable!!!!! I love this company... And look forward to seeing new things from them.

So what's on your crafty wishlist??? This inquiring mind wants to know...


Anne said...

Hi, GothamGal! You've got a nice wishlist there! I always seem to have so many crafty items and stamp sets on my wishlist!

You can probably get the Prismacolor Premier colored pencils at Michael's using a coupon for a good deal. Or you might want to try a company called Jerry's Artarama. I've ordered from them before and never had a problem - and they offer good discounts everyday.

Also, I have the Big Owl and Happy Day Animals sets. If you would like me to stamp you a couple using waterproof black ink or non-waterproof sepia ink on white paper, let me know! :-)

Anne said...

Oh, and the dolls, too! I could send you a couple...

GothamGal said...

Oh my goodness, the first great surprise is that I got your amazing card. Thank you!!! It's absolutely lovely and I am honored.
Secondly, thank you so much for your generous offer. Do you need postage, or something in return? I don't have a lot of stamps that are current, but I am certain I can find some things.
Also, I love the linkage--thank you! I have the tin of 24 Prismas and I'm wondering if I should just buy a bigger set or if i should go along with buying some more individual pencils here and there.
I know monitor colors aren't necessarily perfect, so it would be cool to see the complimentary colors up close, but at the same time, I'm sure there's a reference online that can tell me what colors go with what colors...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.