Friday, January 9, 2009

Wonderful Giveaway opportunity

A fellow 'Pea is giving away an AMAZING kit, Project 365. Happy Daisy will be drawing a name from her entries tomorrow, Saturday January 10th to win this amazing and wonderful kit which sold out from the CK website soon after it was made available.
The kit includes:
•1 12x12 D-ring binder
•54 12x12 specially divided page protectors--four 6" x 4" slots and four 3" x 4" slots on each side
•399 3" x 4" journaling cards--21 designs, 19 of each design
•60 4.25" tri-fold journaling cards--4 designs, 15 of each
•60 4"x 6" header cards--12 designs, 5 of each
•60 2.8" x 3.8" footer cards--12 designs, 5 of each
•8 4" x 6" decorative title cards
•8 4" x 6" decorative end title cards
•12 12" x 12" decorative cardstock--6 designs, 2 of each•25 4" x 6" transparent overlays--5 designs, 5 of each
•12 3" x 12.5" monthly divider tabs
•27 days of the week cardstock sheets--378 total stickers
•11 days of the week cardstock sheets for journaling cards--429 total stickers
•2 yards ribbon--two designs, 1 yard of each
•2 4" x 6" decorative boxes to hold journaling cards
•1 date stamp

This kit is the perfect way to start the new year, it gives you a challenge to get some amazing photos and start working on journalling and getting into the habit of working on memorializing things. Too often, we get so busy we forget the little things and sometimes our most favorite things (like scrapping that awesome trip or that special event), fall to the wayside.

Be sure to check out Happy Daisy's site and enter for your chance to win this wonderful kit!

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