Thursday, January 22, 2009

Decisions, random verbals ahead.

Sometimes I feel like I'm too scrappy for my non-scrap friends and too non-scrappy for my scrap friends... Does anyone else ever feel this way?

For example, I was thinking of getting a Cricut from the boyfriend for Christmas, but I only wanted the expression and I definitely wanted the Storybook cartridge and Hello Kitty Greetings. will allow you to pick cartridges (but not hello kitty) to add for no additional charge (unless you order a premium/Disney one), but the BF is pushing for a locally bought Cricut, or a smaller one.

I like the functionality of the bigger one, but I hate the price. I understand that it will save me money in the long run (I can cut alphas versus buying them, and if I get a few other carts that have shapes then I won't have to try and cut those out by hand), but at the same time I just don't know if it's a feasible option.

I could be buying a camera (not a big one, just $150 tops) to replace the one that's currently hating me and focus more on pictures. Or I could just say forget it and not treat myself... Eeek!

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