Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday already?!?

Sorry everyone,
I had a webshow posted, but it was too long. So I will have to reshoot tomorrow night.
I also had a bit of a setback personally. I read a comment on one of my youtube videos that I felt wasn't as constructive as it could have been. I think I responded well to the comment, but hearing 'you suck. this is a waste of time' is never something I think I can overcome.
But the thing is, I can. You can. We all can. I was talking to someone at one of the write ins this month and told her 'we always look for acceptance in the places we won't get it, but we overlook the acceptance in the places where we can get it.' I think that was a great statement to make, but I also think I have to start really realizing and accepting it.

So today, this post, is going to be all about inspiration. What inspires you? I went through google and checked a few words that have been very important to me throughout my life... And here's what the first one is....

I'm a Libra, and we like balance. I'll often take up the opposing side of an issue if I don't feel that it's being taken up. I want people to be heard. This photo is like life. Sometimes you have a few things stacked up and they fall down, but when you have a lot of things, and it looks precarious, you may find that everything rights itself.

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Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! I'm sorry that you got a hurtful comment on YouTube! But I'm glad you realize it is a choice whether to accept it or not. Kick it to the curb, girl! Don't listen to people who don't have something constructive or positive to say! Keep shining your light brightly! :-)