Saturday, April 4, 2009


Still loading stuff onto my newly returned laptop. I've been trying to get in contact with executive customer support at HP, to no avail.
My laptop was sent in for keyboard repair and a possible LCD issue.
I found out the keyboard and LCD were replaced, as well as the motherboard and the hard drive.
First off, I couldn't back up right before I sent it out because of the LCD/keyboard issue and I told the CSR that the day I sent it back. I asked and they confirmed they would call me if there were other, more serious issues.
Never got a call.
HP had the computer for about 24 hours. Received a blank receipt telling me that nothing had been fixed.
All my photos, music (iTunes), videos (iTunes) and writing is gone. Luckily, it didn't cost an arm and a leg because it was still under warranty, but I feel a bit duped.
All the videos I had planned for ya'll are gone, too. So I'm reloading programs and trying to redo the videos. One thing that's fixed is the popping noise on the audio track I used to get when I made videos, so that's something to be thankful for.

Anyway, I should be thankful that that's all I am complaining about, right?
Oh, yeah, and Censorship is happening again at TwoPeas. Surprise, surprise, right?

I should just drop off that board, but I have a lot of friends there and seem to have a lot of links to it. I just hate that it keeps happening. And on a really good post. I brought up the whole 'Macy's Santa said shop at Gimbel's and people still came to Macy's' thing from Miracle on 34th street. The whole post got yanked.

Oh, and I lost a bunch of bookmarks, too. Every time I think something is cool, I get a reminder that it's not. Hmmm... Tomorrow I'm supposed to catch up on Script Frenzy, and then I'll hope to get caught up on here. Sorry for the delay.

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Anne said...

Hi, GothamGal! Sorry you lost all your goodies when your computer got repaired. What a bummer! :-(