Monday, April 20, 2009

Letting my Content Go!!!! Episode 2

As promised, this is my second day of content week, I'm adding something new everyday (at least 1 episode of my new webshow, 'Scrap N'Tell', along with some other fun stuff and the really, super cool, totally awesome news on Saturday.

Here's my second episode, where I talk about clear stamps. I'm thinking these will get a little better as I go, so please bear with me, but at least I'm catching up on content, right?


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Anne said...

Hi, Gotham Gal! I have a few different sentiment sets. Most are for either thank you cards or birthdays, as those are the kind I use the most. The rest would be what I would call "everyday" or "all occasion" greetings ... spreading sunshine, hello, friends, that kind of thing. :-)