Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad Girl!

I bought some rubbah! Okay, first of all, I only went into Joanne's because I needed something for a swap. That was it--in and out. But then, I realized that the twopeas post about items being clearanced for $4.97 in the stamping aisle coming up at $.97 at the register. So I bought a few. The one on the right has a dress stamp that I've seen before--think as wood-mounted--and that I loved. There are some sentiments on that I can definitely use, too. It's stampendous, I think.

The middle one is Hero Arts, and I love that it's all about friendship. I didn't have any of those, so it's nice to see these! And for $.97, it can't be beat.

The last one on the left is Fiskars, and I really liked the squiggly lines. I want to take them and put them on some cut outs, maybe use them as journalling or frames. I can't bring myself to doodle on my pages, though I doodle everywhere else, and I thought this might make a good transition into doodling.

So I picked up two sets of stamps that I think a stamper might like and, how weird is this, her daughter owns an LSS that I've been to locally. So I'm thinking I might just drop off her stamp goodie package off at the LSS because I picked up a set of stamps that had some March sentiments on them. Figured she could get going with St. Paddy's Day and all that. She gave me her addy, but I haven't packed them up yet, so she won't get them until at least Friday. I could totally drop them off tomorrow night and she'd get them early. I think. I hope.

Have to pick up the BF tonight from the airport just before 7 pm. He leaves in the morning at 7 am, and last night was the RCBP meeting, so I haven't had quality crafting time in a while. Eeek! But I did do laundry, dishes and bathing the dog. Spent some time with Max, he's the animal we've had the longest and i let him sit with me all by himself last night while I read--and then I feel asleep and woke up to him touching his nose to my cheek, so that was nice. It's rare that he gets me to himself and he constantly purrs when he gets it. LOL. Evie wasn't happy that she wasn't with us, but she's by herself with us plenty when she wants to be. I spent a lot of time with the dog over the weekend, who she hates, because the dog wasn't feeling well and Evie hates him and Max was in a mood. Remind me again why animals are easier than kids?

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Anne said...

Hi GothamGal! Sounds like you got a great deal for your swap! Gotta like it when that happens! :-)