Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New blog to check out/In Which our brave heroine pleas for help!

Hey there,
Apart from the crappy day I've had, with the sore hip and having to buy 4 new tires because a sidewall sort of exploded on the freeway, and getting crap at work about showing up for a half day of work...I'm sort of okay.
I'm exhausted, and have been sleeping a lot lately, despite massive amounts of work that needs to be done.
And, while on 2Peas, I found a lovely link to a contest on a website that is really cool!
The website is secondsister suaviloquy and you can be entered to win a free CUSTOM blog template via a company called ebsi. Yes, go to secondsister suaviloquy and put in for a chance to win. Or don't put in for the chance to win and just say 'GothamGal' needs a new custom blog template because she's had a rough day/week/month.
Or not.
I don't care.
I just want to curl into a ball and sleep. And hopefully not be in too much pain with my hip.
Although, the good news is that with the new tires, my car doesn't automatically jump into the right lane if my hands are off the wheel. Good stuff, those expensive as all get out tires are.


Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! Sounds like you've had quite a day! Sorry to hear it! Sounds scary to have a blow-out! Yikes! And apparently painful, too! Hope it all works out well and that sunny skies return to rule GothamGalLand soon! :-)

nancy said...

Sorry about your bad day. We have to buy new tires soon too and it's crazy expensive!

Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! Just wanted to stop in, say Hi!, and see how you are doing! Hope you are well! :-)