Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The best of times, the worst of times, the busy times...

Once Upon a time, there was a girl who loved to take pictures. And she grew up still taking pictures. Now, she liked being in pictures when she was younger, but lacked the sort of confidence she thought she needed to really shine in photos the older she got--and she kind of fell out of the habit of taking pictures.
Years passed.
Well, then the girl, now a full fledged adult, started to realize the memories she wanted to have and the importance of said memories. She was gifted in 2005 or 6 with one of these:

What could you say, it was a great gift. She took thousands upon thousands of photos with the magical moment-capturing device, but it had it's flaws. Mainly, battery (of the eating persuasion) and lens issues. And the fact that taking out the memory card to do an image dump would erase said memory card. And when connected to the computer containing all things wonderful, the magical moment-capturing device would get hot and unresponsive.
The girl lost a whole Disney trip. The girl took the magical moment-capturing device and was unable to use it on the 2008-2009 trip where she saw a scale replica of the Nina. The girl got used to carrying entire packs of batteries (as the rechargeables stopped working--even those that were borrowed from other people and tested to make certain they had charge) in her pockets at all times whenever she had an urge to take photos.
And don't mention that the magical moment-capturing device would only allow for video to be shot in 30 second increments.

So the girl went on a trip to the far northern land of Cleveland and, just as she was planning to visit a place of wonder and mystery called Melt, Bar and Grilled as well as the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, she realized she forgot batteries and did not wish to pay the arm and a leg in the museum shop (which was out of them, coincidentally) required to buy batteries.
Fortune smiled upon the girl (but not at the Old Navy clearance section where she searched far and wide for a perfect pair of jeans) in the form of this:
Could it be? Yes! It's another magical moment-capturing device--but this one is infinitely brighter, shinier and pink! And it was on sale at the gracious land of Best Buy! With an 8 gig memory card and case... And a 2 year replacement plan! Fortune smiled upon the girl indeed. The battery is a lithium ion. The interface is almost exactly like the girl's older magical moment-capturing device, however this magical moment-capturing device allows its user to take as much video as will fit on the memory card. Of course, the device will not connect to said girl's computer, but that will happen soon.
And they all lived happily ever after.

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