Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Changing What to What?!?

Okay, so I had a little poll going on the sidebar of my blog. I was planning on changing the name of my blog. However, that's not the case. My blog will continue to be 'A Roof Of One's Own' and the Cards, Pages and Scraps--Oh My! will be my sales banner over on Etsy or Artfire.

I originally picked 'A Roof Of One's Own' because when we moved to the current house I had grand plans for using the house's roof access. I wanted to sit out there during the summer to write and read and create. I was conjuring a bit of Virginia Woolf, I suppose.

Fast forward to now--I've been on the roof 3 times, each time realizing that it's not a good space. Parts of the roof are just not meant for people--this one included. Also, I felt a little odd standing on the roof when there were people around, the roof juts out and so I'm almost right over the neighbor's driveway. It's too close. I create, well, in all sorts of places, which means that our upstairs is sorely in need of a 'de-creating' time, which I plan to do here and there.

I want to reorganize. I want to experiment and grow. I want to pare down and simplify. I want to use my supplies and not feel as if my supplies are overwhelming or using me. This blog, even when we do move, is my creative home--the creative roof, as you'll have it, over my head.

Yay! (I apologize for the prose, LOL).

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Anne said...

Hi, Nicole! Missed your poll, but I do like your blog's name. Happy House Hunting! (And packing and moving!)