Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Okay, so I didn't post my little cardlet featuring the wonderful Halloween line from Ildi Co. last week. With looking at the houses and running around like crazy, there just wasn't time. So without further ado, I want to show you the card I made--it's a matchbook type card and it was requested by a friend:
This is the card opened and able to be displayed:
This is the card closed. I just couldn't resist making that lil' ghost so that he could be over or under the card at all times.
Supplies: Ildi Co Digi Stamp, White Georgia Pacific Cardstock, Copic Markers, BG Eerie patterned paper, Making Memories Spellbound letter stickers. You can use a stapler to fasten the bottom of the card like a matchbook, but I ran a line of adhesive from my Tombow and it works famously!

So, now we're onto this week's exciting card. Are you totally ready?

When I found out Ildi Co's new line of stamps were Robots, Emotibots to be exact, I was over the roof! I love robots, well, I said something about Doctor Who because these robots remind me of something on Doctor Who or Star Wars and I was promptly told that these robots were too cute to be either. Go Figure!

So I decided to make a pop up card of sorts. Really like the way it turned out, did a technique that makes the silver really pop...

This is my little Messenger Bot. He's got a message for you, that he's holding in his 3d popped up hands. It's in Binary Code, which is a computer language consisting of '1' and '0'--based on the way they are placed, you can spell out lots of things with just those two letters. My message is pretty simple, just a 'Hello' but when you spell it out in Binary Code, it translates to:
So that's the reason why your second grader doesn't learn binary code, it's so much simpler to write 5 little letters when you want to say 'Hello'. To make it a little more authentic, I even opened up 'Notepad' and put in the Binary Code. Since it has a very basic, computer-language-looking font, I figured it was perfect.

Supplies: Ildi Co Digital Stamp, GP White Cardstock, Blue Cardstock, Sassafras Lass Monstrosity patterned paper, Copic Marker, Metallic Silver Pen, Unused packaging (for the red eye scanner thing, I cut it out, then colored it and put it behind the main part of the image so it looked a little more realistic.

If you're interested in playing around with Binary Code, I found a translation site on the web. Just click here for the site, it's cool, and I really liked the idea of him printing it out to hand it to someone. And the receiver of the card loved it, too!

I'm going to be posting future Ildi Co projects automatically, so that this delay won't be an issue again. I had no idea looking for a house was so crazy! My hint for next week's project?


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