Thursday, September 18, 2008


I use Bloglines as my RSS feeder, so before the great minds at blogger started using the 'follow this blog' widget, I kept pretty good track of people that I followed.
Now I've probably got 25 people that I follow in my scrap folder alone. Too much input!!
Or is it?

I like the flexibility of a RSS feed because I can look, clip and save stuff for later. If I like something, it's kept on the backburner until I decide to get rid of it. If I tend to not check it for a few days, the posts get a little crazy, but about 20 minutes later I can usually have most of the posts organized. I have a scrap folder, a book folder, a few review sites, a giveaway folder, a folder dedicated to celebrities (yes, I follow celebs!) and a few more and while it seems like a lot, it's not because they're all in one place.

Anyway, the purpose of this was to let you know that if I can follow you, I will probably be following you in the coming weeks. Just have to get to your blog and click the little button and let the magic of the internet work...

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