Thursday, September 18, 2008

Confessions of a Font Nerd: Thickers

I'm a font lover. When I used to work as a creative, my mouth would literally water at the thought of new fonts. I had serif, sans serif and all different types of fonts in my computer (over 400)--and I used most of those in different projects. I used to be able to tell you a point as well as the font type (along with kerning) at first glance. I was, for lack of a better word, a font nerd.

I was introduced to thickers by I got my first set of chipboard thickers through a promotion they ran, and I've been running strong ever since. One day, I want to just go into a few stores and just grab as many packages as I can and buy them. Then quickly leave so I can start playing them. I even have a thickers wishlist. Seriously, I have a problem.

A few weeks ago, thanks to the lovely ladies on the boards who posted about their thicker issues, I checked my thickers that were on projects and found that they weren't staying where I'd put them.Agghh! I was mortified, then worried about all the vinyl I had.I decided to go through my other sets and see if any others were affected. I sent back three sets of Thickers to American Crafts, and they promised to send me replacements within 6-8 weeks.

Last night, about 4 weeks after I sent out my request, I get a package. What's in the package? Thickers. 3 sets of awesome thickers in the fonts that I fell in love with. I pulled out a set and went to work on replacing the text on my cover page that had succumbed to thickers with minds of their own. And a box with a sticker on it saying simply 'The Goods.' Apparently, AC is also providing product to customers effected by the vinyl thicker issue.

Inside the box was 50+ sheets of paper from American crafts. All different colors and styles... BEAUTIFUL PAPER.

Thank you, AC, for your commitment to your customers. I would suggest anyone reading this can go buy a few packages of the product, they're very versatile and really fun to play with. And they can rest easy knowing that a company will stand by the products they manufacture. Okay, back to adding the new Xmas lines to my wishlist!

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