Thursday, August 14, 2008

Support your LSS!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have a lot to post, including my first finished album (1 of 2), a chipboard minibook that I really liked, a Halloween chipboard minibook, another Halloween item and much, much more.

Things are getting done, but I've run out of pictures because I've been investing so much of my time in digital backup, LOL. Will have to run somewhere this week with a photo disc and get printing (or find my photo printer's power cord, LOL).

I'm posting today to tell you about a GREAT little shop. Totally wonderful, in fact, by the name of Scrapbooker's Paradise.

Feeling Welcomed at a Scrap Store

I’ve recently posted about my experience at Archiver’s. Well, last night I celebrated my singlehood (for a week) with a trip to a local Scrapbooking store I’d never heard of—Scrapbooker’s Paradise. Located on E. Tallmadge Avenue, chances are you’ve driven by it before—it’s in the plaza right behind Gus’ Chalet. It’s less than 10 minutes away from Barberton, so it’s right around the same distance as I drive to go to Fairlawn (definitely a plus with today’s gas prices).

I was greeted immediately by Julie (who owns the store along with a partner) and Julie’s sister in law, but I felt a little embarrassed because I had my security blanket (read: cell phone) with me and was talking to my Grandmother. I’ve done this before at places when I walk in, just in case I feel nervous or get that ‘scrapper’s snub.’ It was definitely not the case at Scrapbooker’s Paradise. While they were working at a table, I got to see a few of the projects they were working on, as well as the store. It’s a pretty good size, and it’s got all manner of diecuts, patterned paper, embellishments and much more. They have a lot of machines, some stamps and even punches and scissors. I was very impressed by the amount of cardstock (and in such pretty colors!).

I’ve gotten a list of their events, and you can even find them on the web at I’m planning on going to my first official crop soon, I think. It sounds like a great, friendly group of ladies.
I picked up some paper for my Disneyland Album and some envelopes, tags and dominoes. They also had Black Diamond Stickles, so I snapped those up, and some charms for a few albums. All in all, I was really happy with my visit. And I’m eagerly anticipating my return visit—I was happy with the fact they also custom order paper if you can’t find the paper you have your heart set on.

Anyway, go support an LSS—head out to Tallmadge Ave. and go to Scrapbooker’s Paradise. You won’t be sorry, nor will you receive a “Scrapper’s Snub.”

Review: A (It was a really solid store and really great people, and I really love the fact they’ll custom order—plus I want a crack at that Disney font I saw, LOL).

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