Friday, September 2, 2011


First day, going to a 6x6 size in 8x8 album. Lots of reflection this year, methinks.
Using the 6x6 Cosmo Cricket Sea Air tablet.

Day one lesson: Starbucks is a salvation. Spent about 5 or 6 hours there today, reading up on writing. I finished a book and then read a second one about the writing life. Journalled a bit. Wrote down some quotes. Took a picture of myself in the bathroom with my Retro Phone app from my phone. I like it, will have to get a better picture of it, soon. Printe out the photo with our HP multi-print machine. Used a Signo uniball pen (there's a bit of a flaw--it's not fluid to a certain extent). Wrote about my day.

This is my cover--I REALLY like it. Thickers are called Honey. Used an amy tangerine/AC sticker on both pages today.

Went to someplace called the Scrapbook Oasis today, they were totally nice and I was having a great time with the owner (?) I think. Picked up some stuff (haul posted, but can't find it right now). They were uber nice, especially about ordering me a few albums--have had a really hard time finding those AC modern albums locally. Didn't want to wait to get $50 in my bucket at a certain website that usually helps me get free shipping in a pinch, so yeah.
Have all intents and purposes to finish the album this year. Even a little excited about it, but I wonder, how much strength am I going to be called to have?

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