Friday, April 9, 2010

Five on Friday

Inspired by Lisa Dickinson, here's my five on Friday:

Jeans!1. I am neither Long nor Lean, but this is the name of the Jeans I can wear at The Gap! Wow oh Wow! It feels good to be able to go into a store and not be embarrassed by the size you wear. And I love the fact that they don't cut anywhere, nor do are they inappropriately short or long. These things are lovely, and I'm just almost to the next smaller size--I think I've found a keeper, folks!

Debby's Dare 2. I have no idea where Debby is that she took this picture, but there are a lot of other ones just as nice. Very beautiful, and even a plantation house--cue Miss Scarlet's voice please.

3. I speak Melsh is reading a really cool looking copy of 'The Princess Bride' which I still have to finish. Do you know how many times I've watched that movie recently? No, you better not answer.

Script Frenzy4. Woefully behind and slacking in the ML department for this. Have an idea, but I want to write other stuff. Eeek!

Tessa5. Okay, she's probably one of the main reasons I'm behind, other than the writer's block. Because I pretend to be her online. Yup, I'm a gamer (Geek confession #35)... I play Star Trek Online.

That's all I got, so that's what I'm running with!